Remote Recording Session

Recording music is usually a very long a somehow complicated process. You have to book a studio, hire an engineer, find and book the right session players (unless you have a band) find they perfect date so that everyone can be there and then hope that everybody is well prepared. 

Sounds easy? It's not... And it costs a lot of money. 


In a remote session you book a professional musician to record your tracks at their studio and then send the complete track files back to you.

What I need:

- A chord chart or the song's demos and a reference track for each song

- Session details (bit rate, sample rate, etc)

- An explanation for each song (Parts, kind of sounds, etc)


That't it! 

You should definitely book a remote session if you want to skip all the studio problems and save some time and money. 

You also won't have the pressure of being on an extremely tight schedule. Studios usually book by the hour and they are not cheap! 

And besides, I have access to many other recording professionals, so if you need any rhythm section players, singers or even mastering and mixing engineers, I might know a guy. 


The cost of a remote session starts at 100€ for up to 9 Tracks.

Before we start I need to know: 

- How many guitar tracks do you need?

- How fast do you need the tracks done?

- How difficult/complex is the song?

Three revisions are included, so you can rest easy knowing I will get the track you want. 

Any extra work after the third round of revisions will be billed at 30€ per track per song.

Contact me!

Thanks! I'll get back to you ASAP!